Justice League #13

Issue 13 of Justice League marks the introduction of Cheetah to the New 52. I must admit that I don’t know much about the “original” Cheetah, but this one is a great villian! She is fast and powerful… and a god, which makes her not only a match for Wonder Woman, but Superman and the rest as well. Obviously there was some great action in this issue!


Not only that, but I found the dialogue to be really enjoyable too! The team is final getting tight. In fact, I think this is the closest I’ve seen them in the New 52 thus far! You can see the friendships. You see who is close to whom, and where the tensions are; All in great dialogue that runs throughout the issue! I also think that this is a great “jumping on” book because of it. They explain everything that is happening of importance, and the new villain’s appearance all come together to make this a perfect first issue for someone you have been wanting to get into Justice League.


Tony Daniel is guest artist on this two-issue story. He is awesome on this! My first introduction to his work was Detective Comics #1 and, though the art was good, the writing was not my cup-o-tea and it severely shaded my opinion of him. This just legitimized him as a fantastic artist in my eyes. The way he moves your eyes through the panels is great. And at some panels, I just had to stop reading a stare. (WW and Supes staring across the bridge of the watchtower with earth in the background, for instance)

“On the Outs” back up story by Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire

This was worth mentioning. There is a great little intro to the new Justice League of America book in the back. I love that Jeff Lemire is working with two of my favorite writers nowadays! He and Geoff give you a great little convo in a bar with Green Arrow and Colonel Trevor. I really like how G.A. is handled here better than in his own book. I am already looking forward to JLA, and this just got me more excited! If you want to read it, here it is. DC released it online, no doubt, to promote the upcoming series.

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