Top picks for Marvel Now!

As we approach the next wave of Marvel Comics “Marvel NOW!” initiative. Here are my top picks for potentially great books from the February solicitations. Yes, you are reading this right. I am about to recommend  some Marvel titles! Don’t worry, I still plan to cover all my favorite DC stuff, but some of these Marvel books are looking really tempting, and a soft reboot is just what I needed to give some of these a try. Here we go:

1. She-Hulk #1

photo 3

I know little to nothing about She-Hulk. I learned that she is smart and was a lawyer at one point from reading about her in the current FF book. But that’s it. So why do I care? Because of that writer. Charles Soule has got to be one of the best new writers out right now. His writing put DC’s book, Red Lanterns, on my regular read list. And don’t like the Red Lanterns! Well, I can’t say that now, I guess. If Charles Soule can sell me a Red Lanterns book, then I’m in for this book too. Plus, he has mentioned that She-Hulk’s other job as a lawyer will be a part of the book… and guess what Charles’ other job is, besides comics… He’s a lawyer! I think this is just too intriguing to pass up.

2. Fantastic Four #1

photo 1

This is the second Marvel NOW book I am following because of the writer’s previous work at DC Comics. But James Robinson isn’t the only reason. I love the Fantastic Four! I have always said, even during my anti-Marvel days, that Stan Lee’s premise of a related family of heroes with no secret identities is a great concept! Granted I tried–I mean really really tried!–to like the previous run of  Fan Four, but the writing was just too weird for my taste. I didn’t get that either, because usually Matt Fraction writes such grounded stuff. Oh well, onward and upward with James Robinson!!

3. Ms. Marvel #1

photo 2

I have no idea whether this will be a good book or not, honestly. But it is certainly getting the most press of the whole Marvel NOW lot. I do find it interesting that the character is made of two minority groups who don’t get solo books very often. She is both female and a muslim. I both appreciate how Marvel is showing that they really believe in their female character’s ability to carry a book, and is willing to show a character with (possibly) certain religious views, even if they don’t happen to be the same as my own. I just hope that aspect is written with a fair amount of research, intelligence, and respect. About fact that she is a girl, we could always use another book led by a female. The male-led books far outweigh the female ones, so this is a nice positive step. Now, about the writer and story… I have no idea.

4. Loki: Agent of Asgard

photo 4

Again, I don’t know much about the writer or the story. But there are two things about this book that intrigue me. First, the solicit takes time to mention that Loki was a young avenger who has now grown up. If this is linked to that relaunch of Young Avengers then that’s a good sign. The other sign is just that it is based in the Thor universe, which has been hugely successful lately. This is probably why they are expanding the Thor family of books. As for whether this is as good as Thor: God of Thunder, we shall see.

Other books worth checking that aren’t launching with a #1 but are getting an easy jump-in issue are Thor: God of Thunder, Superior Spider-Man, and Nova.

Now we wait until February.

2 thoughts on “Top picks for Marvel Now!

  1. She-Hulk is always a fun character. She’s got a great sense of humour, and a refreshing optimism.

    I’m really excited about Ms. Marvel. Marvel’s first Muslim in a solo title. It’s being written by a Muslim woman (a white woman who converted, but still), and edited by a Muslim woman (a Pakistani-American). So it’s almost certainly going to do a great job reflecting the Muslim experience in the US. I’ve never read anything G. Willow Wilson’s written, but she’s won awards, so that’s good.

    As for Loki, his age-up occurred in Young Avengers #11. So it’s slightly connected. But I don’t think there will really be a link. Al Ewing’s a great writer, though, so it should be a fun book.

    I’m also excited for the relaunch of Captain Marvel. The fact that the new Ms. Marvel is a Captain Marvel fangirl is awesome.

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